Rebirth of Rebel 👽

Citizens of Rebel nation. This is your peasant Lord reporting…

As much as I enjoy creating videos, I feel there is an audience for text / written content.

There are several things which could be better explained written so I’ve decided to use this space to share whatever I find that would add value to humanity. well at least that’s the plan.

Some of my discoveries and views could be seriously “controversial” some call it FUD and maybe offensive so fair warning in advance. However, totally transparent and unbiased and hence I’ve decided to launch on a platform I can control.

I used to write on a few different subjects in the past, mainly in the internet marketing, affiliate, ecom niche. Then I did some videos on various stuff, exploring…

Then crypto came and ruined everything, got rekt lol. I started creating videos documenting my crypto journey for a year: View YouTube Channel Here

If you’ve been following me on the journey, you know exactly how it all went down lol what a roller coaster ride… good and bad experiences, and some worst lol. I plan on writing about some of those crazy stuff, expanding on the topic and shenanigans.

I need to polish my writing skills, and this will also save you time, the greatest asset… maybe you can learn from my wins and losses, some mistakes, use it to your advantage and help contribute to restoring humanity 🙂 *I know, very heavy words.

Stay safe and don’t get REKT. (says the anon who got rekt)


PS: I will still be creating videos lol. Although I plan on taking a break and then working on a real sustainable business which was the initial goal anyways. I will discuss everything when appropriate and Crypto, stocks, investments are still a part of the journey. At this moment, I prefer to work in silence. and then also do some shit posting on twitter for copiums 🙂

PPS: I might start a newsletter soon, just to email you crypto porn.