Quick Timeline

Unapologetic Rebel
2008 Ellis Island

2008 – Moved to the USA
2013 – Graduated from College, Got my Citizenship
2014 – Got my first job (after surviving a scam)
2015 – Got laid off / Continued Freelancing
2016 – Decided to go all in on Internet Biz
2017 – Started dabbling with stocks, crypto and multiple internet biz
2018 – Shit happened, Lost Everything… almost.
2019 – Gained more interest in Crypto
2020 – Covid, Lockdown, went all in Crypto, Side hustling
2021 – Portfolio UP Only, celebration with family
2022 – Got REKT, 80% portfolio wiped out. celebrated too early
Presently- Recovering Hopium Addict 😳🍜

This is pretty much how it all went down lol anon… I will cover a few missing pieces sometimes in the future. Just wanted to give you some perspectives so you can better relate maybe 😵


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