Most People Want to Get Scammed

It’s been a while… I need to get the sexy flow of words going lol.

Today I want to share something quick… Its a comment by a fellow subscriber and it is pretty relevant. Read!

Most People Want to Get Scammed

No matter how much proofs you pull out of your arse, it is never enough for the plebs. πŸ™ sad but true ain’t it? btw, I’m not just talking about the retail plebs. It’s those toxic moon boys who would dismiss any valid questions as FUD. They definitely have agendas.

Tell me anon, is this not true? Wtf has this world come to lol

Remember the quote by Twain, “Its easier to con people than to explain them that they are being conned”.

Sadly its true. It is so much easier to scam and sell a crappy product to a pleb but when it comes to explaining about why it is bad…

No dude, you suck, you don’t know anything… you don’t want me to look sexy you scum…you want me to stay poor. go away… :/

I’ll happily take your money ser lol don’t get me wrong. But I rather earn it by being transparent than scam it.

Throughout my crypto journey, I’ve come across wild and absurd stuff. Some were obvious scams while others were “well covered up” influencer scams.

The scammers know what they are doing. Right? you at least agree? unless they suffer from some sort of “special” psychological disorder and are completely unaware of their unethical pump and dumps and insider shills,.. I mean come on, they know “How they are making their $$$ millions” right anon? πŸ˜‰

Feed the plebs with new narratives, sell them on trends, do bunch of giveaways to boost follower count and shit post for clout = making it lol (btw, most giveaways are fake, ouch double bummer)

Of course, I’m not pointing out fingers at every individual or entity…It is indeed a gray area but amigo, with the recent shenanigan of Terra Luna, Do Kwon going rogue, ponzis on cronos chain, collapse of wonderland TIME, celsius, 3AC, dude what else lol harmony hack… its never ending.

What do you believe and what you don’t?

Who do you believe and who you don’t? an anon with 10 followers or an anon with 100,000 followers?

why? what made you decide? lol

With all these ponzinomical shady activities in crypto, can we at least accept the fact that 99% (MOST) crypto is garbage and going to 0?

Come on you know the truth but I can understand if you are heavy on bags :/ It’s sad but I doubt the universe will help you get what you’ve lost when you’re trying to mislead other anons and manipulate them into putting their life savings in shady protocols.

You got burned. It won’t do any good burning others. This is not the way.

I’m not here to argue or debate over ponzis or any crypto in general… oh yea went off on a tangent lol… Let’s get back to the main point, regardless of how much you tell them the truth, they pretend they don’t understand or completely ignore calling it a FUD (this word should be banned dammit)

OR do you think they are also innocent plebs who fell in trap and are now stuck in a ponziland where they are waiting on others to provide their exit liquidity?

Survival over moral value? lol very difficult position so I won’t judge.

But Rebel why do you care? they will always get away. Why waste time?

Hmmm maybe. Sure. It just feels good to do the right thing. Personally I get this questions often so here it is…

It feeds my soul. πŸ‘½

And I believe “we can make it” by doing it right.

I know, it is easier to rant and say whatever stuff when we don’t know each other’s circumstances… however no one lived happily and stayed on top by doing wrong, said Pablo

What goes around comes around. We can argue on that on my new channel I’m working on “Rebel Uncensored“… Joe Rogan style, NO RULES, NO LIMIT lol

I’ll end with this… like coffeezilla said, we will keep spreading awareness until something happens πŸ˜‰

I will keep doing whatever feeds my soul. (staying within legal limits, peaceful protest lol)

I’ve a purpose in life so do you.

Our path and journey might not be the same but let’s not deny the fact, our ultimate destination will be six feet under. πŸ₯ΆοΈ

Do it right anon.